Institutional Racism And The Black Body Essay

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Institutional racism is a form of racism expressed in social, political and economic systems. “Between the World and Me”, depicts the institutional racism that plagues the Black community. Such as political, educational, and criminal justice inequalities. The “black body” is forced to create their own sense of self in a world that they do not recognize as their own. The Black body is a metaphor to describe the loss of identity. The body is no longer a physical body but a commodity. “The dream” of white picket fences and racial equality does not exist for the Blacks. The dream is merely a façade created to hide the woes of the average working class Americans. “Good intentions are a hall pass through history, a sleeping pill that ensures the dream”. In American history as long as whites intended to do good that was enough. The dream was used as an escape in order to avoid dealing with the injustices minorities face. “Between the World and Me” juxtapose the inequality Ta-Nehisi faced growing up and the injustices his son experience and how those injustices shaped their lives.
The school system for the black body is a method of escaping the streets. However, the schools provided no sense of security. “The streets were not my only problem. If the streets shackled my right leg. The school shackled my left. I came out to see the streets and schools as arms of the same beast” If you failed in school, you would be sent back to the streets. If you failed in the streets you would…

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