Institutional Discrimination Of Women And Women Essay

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Institutional Discrimination of Women
It is clear to the educated members of our population that the institutional discrimination of women runs rampant in society today. Women are seen as a lower class, meant to be providers of domesticity. Stereotypes are the standard that women are held to, in relationships, in the workplace, and in their families. The biggest responsibility in a woman’s life is to find a man to marry, have 2.5 children, and passively carry out the domestic duties of their white picket fence household. The woman is expected to be a caring and nurturing presence in the home (Baxter, 1992). Now the latter may be a hyperbole (in most cases), but it gets the point across that there are very different gender roles and expectations, of both men and women (Witt, n.d.). The rigid roles that women are forced into during adolescence puts them at a clear disadvantage during their life-course, simply because of their gender (Baxter, 1992).
The institutional discrimination of women can be found in nearly every facet of today’s society. Even jokes promoting traditional female roles can be seen in the classic “Go make me a sandwich” form. Stereotypes are promoted in television, movies, books, and all other forms of popular media. These stereotypes have particular influence on a woman’s career.
Women are paid significantly less than their male counterparts in similar jobs, are less likely to be promoted, and are seen as bossy when they take on a leadership role (Witt,…

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