Inhumane Treatment Of Native Americans Essay

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The Inhumane Treatment of Building American through the Eyes of the Natives.

The Native American was concord by the Spaniard in 1492 which was guide by Christopher Columbus. His voyages began going to Asia but ended up in the Mexico. The Spanish accidently discover the Aztec Empire. Once the Spaniard came to the realization that the technology and architect was more unconventional than anything they ever expected. Cortez order the conquistador to use forces and weapons against the Native American. Many of the maritime weapons was guns, cannons horses’ things of this sort was never seen before. The Spaniard used violence as a part of control and to oppress the Native American Indians. The Imperialism thread and comment acts of terrorism through the mass murder of the people. Native American was slaughtered and beheaded. The violence was depicted as a source of fear to control the attitudes of the Native American, The Spanish political goals were to take over the county and report back to the European Empire all of the riches that was present in the land. Cortez saw the territorial to be a great opportunity for potential capitalism and growth not only for Spain, but for himself. (Elliott p.3).
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The conquistadors slaughtered them, with the use of heavy, sharpened sables, as they rode high above the Incas on huge military horses that the Incas had not seen in their past. The Spaniards did not lose a life during the battles. Atahualpa was captured and was manipulated to organize the new government. He even learned to speak Spanish. After his usefulness was ended, so was his life. By terminating the life of Atahualpa, the rest of the Inca Empire was under total Spanish control. An insignificant Inca state was formed by some who resisted, however, they were conquered in 1572

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