Hitler's Willing Executioners By Daniel Goldhagen

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In 1939 war was beginning for European countries like Germany and Poland. There was a sense of fear that traveled between individuals and families in 1941 when the Holocaust began. As chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler’s goal was to create the Aryan race and rid the world of those he deemed as “undesirable.” As a result of this, Hitler began rounding up inferior individuals such as Jewish people, homosexuals, and the disabled. He forced them into sectioned off towns, known as ghettos, and concentration camps. Hitler used ground troops to run the camps and many of these men were given orders to kill the undesirable population. Men and women that lived there were greatly affected during the Holocaust and millions of them died. The inhumane …show more content…
His soldiers accommodated to his hand and foot whenever he called them. In Hitler’s Willing Executioners, Daniel Goldhagen explained the duties Hitler asked the guards to do. They were forced to take away the identity of the millions of people who were just like them, but believed in different things. Goldhagen wrote that the German police must “ turn the Jews into ‘socially dead’ beings.” No human being should have to suffer through being mistreated and beaten, nor should they have to live day to day in fear of losing their life. Being in these camps away from family and friends, next to people who will do anything to save themselves and nobody else, is a terrible way to live. Because the Germans were taught to turn prisoners into socially dead that is how they chose to treat them. They mistreated them, beat them, and alienated them. Another way that was described in Goldhagen’s book was, “to remove the Jews...from physical contact with the German people, and thereby to neutralize them as a factor in German life.” This statement was the complete truth to how the Aryan race saw the people that were put into concentration camps. Propaganda also proved this theory because plenty of them displayed the Jewish people as overweight, evil, and people of the devil. Families were out of jobs and were forced out of the life they had a right to live because they were specifically ordered not to have contact with any Germans. Any order to execute millions of people weighs heavy on the person asked to do so. Hitler was asking that an extreme result come of this genocide, but it was very

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