Inherit The Wind, By Jerome Lawrence And Robert E. Lee Essay

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Since the beginning of history, mankind has questioned its existence. How did life start? When did life start? Over the centuries, two schools of thought arose, presenting different ideas on the creation of mankind. Evolution and religion both presented ways mankind could have been created, however, a compromise couldn’t be made between the two due to their radically different natures. In Inherit the Wind, by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Bert Cates, a science teacher, is on trial for teaching evolution in the highly religious town of Hillsboro. Henry Drummond, a famous lawyer from Chicago, is sent to defend Cates in his trial. Through his intelligence, sarcasm, and skepticism, Henry Drummond turns the trial in Cates’ favor. Throughout the trial, Drummond uses his intelligence to undermine the beliefs of the Hillsboro community. At first, Drummond tries to establish anyone’s right to think by asking the opinion of Howard, a student in Cates’ class, on what Cates taught him. DRUMMOND. Turning Howard, do you believe everything Mr. Cates told you? HOWARD. Frowning Not sure. I gotta think it over. (73)
Howard’s admission to not having an opinion on evolution sheds light on Drummond’s point. Thought isn’t simply the act of forming an opinion, it is also the freedom to be wrong or to change one’s mind. Cates should have the freedom to be wrong, however, the community has overlooked this fact. By establishing his point, Drummond reintroduces Cates freedom of thought to the…

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