Informative Essay: Social Media For Social Change

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Social Media for Social Change: Social Media Activism

#BringBackOutGirls, #BoycottClippers, #ICantBreathe are examples of movements that went viral on social media through the use of hashtags. With the rise of technological advances, society has quickly embraced social media platforms, as outlets to express their opinions on almost everything from entertainment, sports, to current social and political events. Logging on to social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. has become a cultural habit for most individuals, including myself. For this paper, I sought to answer basic questions about social media and it’s purpose in our public sphere. Social media is the twenty first century response to a speaker’s corner, where one can freely post and gain attention from a worldwide audience.My goal in this paper is to discuss how society can use social media for social change as a tool for spreading awareness of causes, and as a tool for community involvement, allowing anyone to become a change agent.
To begin, what does social media have to do with activism? Social media has become an instant
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Social media platforms have become instrumental for everyday communications as well as for political debates, crisis communications, marketing and cultural participation. It is clear to note the huge impact social media has on our culture and public sphere in today’s society. The expansion of technology has lead to a cultural habit for individuals to include using it as a part of every day. The expansion of internet and personal computers, cell phones, tablets have made social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.accessible to all, and in turn, society has responded by forming an online community. Social media platforms have exploded with content posted by users ranging from entertainment, sports to current social and political issues and

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