Information On Sexual Health : An Popular Media Source For College Students

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The amount of STD rates in America is rapidly growing every day. Many young adults are uneducated about the risks associated with contracting STDs. There are also many young adults, especially college students, who are not knowledgeable about general healthy sexual practices. A change needs to be made in the way individuals are educated about sexual health, in order for the rates of STDs to lower. Media plays a big role in distributing information about sex, STDs, pregnancies, and preventative methods. It is crucial to discover the most popular media sources for college students, so that they can obtain information while engaging in the media they use on a daily basis.
This topic is important because it emphasis the need for improving the content of health messages, and the means to which the messages are being presented to the audience. Technology is changing every day, and new generations will constantly change their means for absorbing information. Information on sexual health is very important for many college students to know about because this is a time in their lives where a great majority of this age group engages in sex. Unfortunately, there are consequences that come with engaging in sex. If young adults are not well educated, then STD rates will continue to rise. This is a major problem, and will not be resolved until adjustments are made to effectively educate college students about sexual health.
There is not only a problem with the uneducated college…

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