Informatics Nursing Case Study

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Informatics Nursing
Educational Criteria. Informatics nurse education program in the advanced level is either through a certification in nursing informatics with a master’s degree in nursing or a graduate level program with concentration in nursing informatics. However, an RN with at least a Bachelor’s degree can fulfill eligibility with the required 2000 work hours in the field to sit for the certification exam through ANCC (ANCC, 2015). The Clinic Nurse Specialist is only for master’s level or higher. Criteria to meet for certification are mentioned under the licensure explanation. Coursework includes clinical information systems and consumer health information with informatics nurse practicum. In the masters’ level, education, public health
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Limited clinical preceptors, space, scheduling and resources are known barriers for NP applicants to obtain their clinical requirement which has led to schools being forced to limit their number of students (Keough, Arciero, Connolly, 2015). The current model of nursing preceptorship has to be reassessed and new models have to be developed and introduced. The new models such as Graduate Nursing Education, much like the thirty year old Graduate Medical Education that is federally supported, can help lessen the current barriers while allowing growth and development, improved quality, and sustainability of NP clinical education and the profession (Forsberg et. al., 2015).
In the realm of genetics nursing, there is a consensual goal to increase the understanding, awareness and appreciation of all nurses, nursing educators, and health care providers when it comes to genetics and genomics concepts as it is a part of nursing’s present and future (Sharoff, 2015). It is necessary then that all nursing students in all academic levels will have genetics/genomics integrated in nursing curricula. The development of more AGNS will result to improved collaborations and awareness of referrals when dealing with genetics and genomics related health

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