Essay on Influential Philosophers Of Aristotle 's Philosophers

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Influential philosophers of ethics Socrates, a Greek philosopher, was known for being the famous teacher of Plato who later taught Aristotle. He was born in 469/470 BCE and led a fairly normal childhood like those of his peers. In his later life, Socrates studied art, became a famous sculptor and even served in the army. His teachings were ultimately passed down, becoming the basis for ethics (Mark, 2009). He taught and believed that people instinctively did the right thing for the common good and if the choices they made were not in the best interest of the people it was simply because they did not know any better, not because they are spiteful (Mastin, 2008). While I believe this could have been the case many years ago, I do think society has created monsters who work out of greed and selfishness. Socrates did a phenomenal job setting a solid foundations for the beginning of ethics. He created a level of good for people to refer to and reflect upon when making decisions and choosing different paths in their lives.
Socrates, often referred to as “the father of Western ethics,” had his own theory that he developed after studying the behavior of people around him (Mastin, 2008). Much of what he argued was that people who take care and educate themselves will have the ability to do great things. Part of this education would bring a sense of self-awareness, allowing people to be cognisant of the world around them. All decisions that are made cause a ripple effect…

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