Shakespeare's Influence On English Literature

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During his time, William Shakespeare was one of the most important and influential linguistic studs, who effortlessly manages to influence life today. During Medieval Times, Shakespeare was a very relatable playwright and poet who created words and phrases that are still extremely relevant and have lead to the modern form of the english language. Words such as “gloomy” and “bedazzled” would not be words of the english language without Shakespeare. Looking at the following sources; “Shakespeare Influences the Way We Speak Now” by Anderson, “William Shakespeare’s Impact on Theatre” by Octane Seating, “How Outrage Built Over a Shakespearean Deception of Trump” by Sara Krulwich, and the “Romeo and Juliet Comic Strip” (no author).
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Many writers, and people in general, quote Shakespeare accidentally without noticing. Shakespeare also influences songs, such as “Nick Lowe’s earworm, Cruel to be Kind, took its title from lines Hamlet addressed to his mother. ‘I must be cruel only to be kind,’” which is stated in Anderson’s article. This shows how his influence in literature extends to songs. Also, there are sentences or phrases that one may quote without even realizing it was a line from a work of Shakespeare. Phrases such as “‘the world is mine oyster’ (Anderson 1),” or “‘fair play’ falls from Miranda’s lips in The Tempest (Anderson 1). Many of these phrases are little things one may say in a casual conversation without knowing that it is a reference from Shakespeare. Also looking at “William Shakespeare’s Impact on Theatre” by Octane Seating, this article also displays the same ideas on how Shakespeare had influenced the english language. Octane Seating states, “The adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays into modern pieces, however, paved the way for musical performances to become integral to the dramatic story.” This quote suggests that Shakespeare’s ideas are still relevant and are …show more content…
Many current playwrights are influenced by him and his works, which sparks inspiration. According to “Shakespeare’s Influence on Theatre” by Octane Seating, many musicals that are performed on big stages, such as Broadway in New York, are influenced by the way Shakespeare set up his own plays. Similar to Shakespeare, “West Side Story, which inventively uses songs to drive the plot as immediate responses to beats within the story (Octane 2),” is an example of Shakespeare’s influence. Musicals written by him, such as Hamlet, use songs to drive the plot and keep the audience engaged, which is the same idea used by West Side Story. Again, Shakespeare’s influence in plays now is huge, but is also influenced in different ways. Many people utilize Shakespeare’s plays for politics, yet, some may slightly construe his plays to decept the play and raise eyebrows. Looking at “How Outrage Built Over a Shakespearean Deception of Trump” by Sara Krulwich, the author talks of how a man from New York changed Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to depict President Donald Trump. Krulwich states, “...He would direct a production of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ with the title character a provocative but inexact stand-in for President Trump.” This is a huge and important example how Shakespeare influenced theatre today both

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