Influence Of Toys On Gender Segregation Essay

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Influence of Toys on Gender Segregation
In the contemporary society children toys are mainly gender segregated to confirm to the societal stereotypes of Masculinity, femininity and gender roles. As a child grows they are exposed to a society that expects them to conform to the assigned gender roles and stereotypes in accordance to their choice of games and toys. This paper analyses how toys influence gender segregation through Kohlberg’s cognitive development theory of Gender identity, stability and consistency (Kohlberg, 1966). As children grow through play and toys they develop their gender identity based on the nature of play and toys that are socially acceptable to their gender at birth. Through gender stereotyping that is evident in the marketing and use of toy, children soon develop gender stability, followed by gender consistency. As they grow up, children come to realize that gender is constant and as a result they .
How to distinguish boys’ and girls’ toys
Most children choice of toys are based on gender stereotypes of the communities that they are raised in. Boys being masculine in nature and girls being feminine their choice of toys usually is a representation either masculinity or feminity. Gender roles also influence kid’s choice of toys and therefore Boys’ and girls’ choice of toys usually is a representation of their perceived future gender roles. Boys are also rough and loud in nature so their toys are typically engineered to suit this nature…

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