Influence Of Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece was, perhaps, one of the most greatest and influential civilization that has ever existed. Greek culture has significantly contributed to the world, more specifically Western civilization, through politics, arts, and education, all which are still used and admired til this day. The Ancient Greeks are considered as being the first country to adopt a democratic government system, a system that the West has too adopted (with a few changes). In addition, the Greeks were highly skilled in art and developed advance architectural abilities and techniques which can be seen in many present day buildings. Furthermore, the Greeks contributed multiple philosophical and mathematical concepts to education which are taught in school systems across the globe.

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The arts held an important position in Ancient Greece. Ranging from playwrights, sculptures to architecture, these different forms of art captured and documented Greece during their highest and lowest times. Artistry, especially, became more popular during the country’s prime time, also known as the Classical Age of Greece. In 447 BC, Pericles, an democratically elected leader during Classic Greece, also known as the Age of Pericles, used the tax money from the Delian League to rebuild the demolished Athenian Acropolis, now known as the Parthenon (Document 7). This was a defining moment in Ancient Greek history as this sacred building was the epitome of the Ancient Greeks. The Parthenon represented the power of Athens and the Athenians. The distinct white marbled column design of the Parthenon was later used as inspiration to many modern buildings such as the White House or the Lincoln Memorial located in the nation’s capital. Greek-inspired architecture and design have been integrated into the daily lives of many Westerns as this design symbolizes not only power and independence, but democracy

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