Infertility : A Woman 's Body Destroys The Eggs Essay

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There are many couples who are infertile and are unable to conceive their own child. Infertility can be caused because of many different reasons. If a couple is unable to have a child because of infertility, is it so wrong for the couple to want a their own biological child? There are many different reasons a couple can be infertile. There are also a variety of solutions to the infertility problem.
In women there can be an uneven hormone balance. If there is an uneven hormone balance then eggs cannot be created correctly. The ovulation process could have problems. There can be problems where a woman’s body destroys the eggs she has created. There can be cases where a woman’s fallopian tubes are dysfunctional. There are also cases where surgery can cause a woman to be infertile. Scar tissue can grow which will cause problems. Urine or cervical issues can cause infertility as well. These disorders and diseases can be caused because of many different reasons. Tumors are another reason women can become infertile. In some women there is even an unexplainable reason she is infertile. These are the hardest cases become those women have no explanation.
In vitro fertilization can be one of the many solutions to this specific problems. There are other routes a couple can take, such as, adoption or surrogacy. There are other options as well. Of all the options a couple can choose, in vitro is the best choice. It is the one option where the mother of the child can carry her own…

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