Electric Love Analysis

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Electric Love, an upbeat pop song sung by BØRNS displays two different types of relationships: infatuation and eros. When describing his infatuation for a girl, Garrett Borns states that “I can’t let you go now that I got it”. In this, Borns exhibits his manifested attraction. This attraction is surface level and solely based on her appearance. Dependency is also invoked throughout Borns’ confessions. Through these lyrics it is revealed that his infatuation leads him to willingly to do anything in order to receive love from this woman. In a similar fashion Borns expresses his infatuation by stating, “baby, I’m dying for another taste”. Borns once again emphasises his dependency on this woman’s approval. These lyrics also begin to display self …show more content…
In this pop, hit single Astley, who is infatuated with a woman states that “you wouldn’t get this from any other guy”. These competitive lyrics hint at jealous feelings. While Astley aggressively sings these envious words, he is also alluding to exclusivity he wants with this girl. The obsessed Astley wants a segregated and dependant relationship, two key factors in infatuation. As the song progresses Astley urges onto this woman, saying he’s “gotta make [her] understand”. The surface level attraction he feels towards this woman leads him to forcing himself upon her. In a rather selfish way, Astley lays out several reasons for why this woman and himself would make a good couple. The inward thinking man tries to persuade this woman for self gratification and personal gain. While this song contains lots of infatuation, Astley also parades several examples of agape. The love-struck Astley continues the song by stating he’s thinking of “a full commitment”. Agape, the unconditional and sacrificial love is displayed through Astley’s wholehearted commitment to this woman. It is obvious that an unconditional and open connection is desired through Astley’s enthusiastic claim. A highlight of this song is the chorus, where Rick Astley asserts he’s “never gonna give” up on this woman. This chorus of “never gonna give you up” is sung six times in the entirety of the song. With how much Astley speaks of it, we listener can believe that he unconditionally will sacrifice everything he can for this woman. With all of his agape love we can assume that Astley will gladly forgive this woman of any of her faults and reconcile to make their relationship

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