Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution brought an incredible changes to world’s economy and society. The major focus of the Industrial Revolution was to modernize ongoing businesses and the society by bringing more technology advancements to people’s lives. Along with political, economical and social changes during the Industrial Revolution a lot of technological innovations took places, that lead to major changes in lifestyles. In many fields machinery and advanced technologies were taking over things that the ordinary people could not do without. In other words, the major purpose of the Industrial Revolution was to move from the use of hand manufacturing to machinery manufacturing. Machinery manufacturing not only expanded the different areas of manufacturing, but accelerated the time of manufacturing goods. Many more businesses were being created that lead to replacement of farming. The goal of the new industrial era was not only produce things such as “food” to survive, but make production of other things that will facilitate people’s lives in many ways. During the Industrial Revolution, urbanization was taking place in many countries. Commonly, many institutions such as factories, were being built in the urban areas. In order to work in such institutions people were shifting from rural to urban areas. The root of the Industrial Revolution is coming from England, where people were modernizing their ways of doing things and other countries wanted to follow England’s footsteps. In…

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