Industrial Revolution Benefits

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One of the biggest turning points in American history was the Industrial Revolution.
Many families had to move to the city to work and this eventually changed the composition of life and is one of the largest reasons why the Industrial Revolution became a time period that was associated with the growth of cities. Industries seem to not exactly like their workers and this led to the rise of what we call labor unions, that still exists. While, the Industrial Revolution also led to the transportation revolution and reduced the cost of production that helped later by leading in the art of mass producing and maker cheaper items for Americans. Three major benefits that happened during the Industrial Revolution that helped America was by producing
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The revolution ultimately was turning our agricultural economy into a country that was being evolved with machines and manufacturing. Even though our country is still founded and is comprised of some agricultural nature, especially in the south, but most of the lands that were used for just farming or housing was bought up by companies so they could build factories and build cities on them. This changed the economy by more input of money and gave many people jobs but it did take away the land we were used to live on as a country.
As the land was being bought, cities were being built, and the Industrial Revolution starts moving in and rapidly growing did we see private investors and financial buildings become available, such as banks, which were provided to help people with money who wanted to start a business. This was the time when a lot of the banks was founded on to help people start up companies that would help further the Industrial Revolution in taking place in America. The main actual purpose was to provide less risks of losing money to individual investors. Capital was also founded in the area of time when companies combined together their money to eventually start the development of corporations (Industrial Revolution

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