Individuals Of Jewish Descent During The Period Of King David

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Individuals of Jewish descent have a history of being affected by exile from their homeland. The Israelites claimed Jerusalem during the period of King David, however; beginning in 587 B.C.E. the Babylonians began to exile the Jews. Approximately fifty years later, the Persians allowed the Jews to return to their homeland; however, it was not long before they would be affected again. In 70 CE, the Romans destroyed the 2nd temple and exiled the Jews for the second time. Throughout these times and still today many Jews have lived in Diaspora and thus have lived scattered around the world. The ¬¬¬constant displacement and anguish Jews experienced caused them to flee their homeland and relocate to different parts of the world. Therefore, it is comprehensible that a Jew living in one country might not have the identical experience as a Jew living in another country across the globe. This leads the Jewish community with the question of, “Is Judaism an ethnicity or a religion?” Fishbane manages to break down the question further into three separate questions: “Is Judaism compatible with the surrounding community? Can you as a Jewish person decentralize the Torah? Do you resist or accept the surrounding cultures?” Fishbane’s questions can be used as a tool to delve deeper into the personal accounts of the influential individuals throughout history that expressed strong beliefs in regards to how to answer these important questions for the Jewish community. R.Elijah ben Soloman also…

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