Jewish Diaspora Research Paper

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The Temple in Jewish history is meant to be a permanent dwelling place for god. It is believed that the Temple will be built by the Messiah who will vindicate the holy land, Jerusalem, in the End of Days. Jews will gather in Israel and at the holy land where the temple is built and all people will be united under one God. Moses had prophesied that the Jews will gather after dispersion and will repent then return to Israel to fulfill the commandments of the Torah. This will be the end of the Jewish Diaspora that was prophesied by Moses. The Temple is very significant in Jewish history because the Temple is the permanent dwelling place for god and due to its role in the End of Days. There has been two temples built in Jerusalem, the holy land. The first Temple had been built by Solomon and supported by King David. The covenant that allowed for the temple to be built was based on the condition the the people must be obedient therefor the temple could be torn down and rebuilt throughout history based on whether they …show more content…
Both pieces of Jewish identity go hand in hand and influence each other. Jews had been pushed out of the holy land for as long as they have been in existence. This is referred to as Jewish Diaspora which is defined as Jews living outside of Israel. When the second temple had been torn down, Jewish Diaspora had taken place. Jews left the home land and began to live elsewhere. Throughout history Jews have been pushed all around the globe and out of the homeland. After World War II when the Jews were given back Israel to compensate for the suffering they have had to deal with due to their persecution, a large movement of Jews had taken place back to the homeland. However, Jewish Diaspora is still very real and only a small trickle of Jews has taken place back to

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