American Identity Essay

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The American identity resulted from America’s early British roots and the separation that America experienced from its colonial roots as it emerged as a young nation. The events leading up to the revolution illustrate how deeply America was intertwined with Britain and the rapid escalation of tension between the two, comparatively post-revolutionary America is when America began to truly develop a unique and personalized identity that separated America from its original British roots.
In 1607 the British established their first successful colony in North America, which they christened Jamestown in honor of King James I of England. The newly established colony relied heavily on the British motherland as the colonists were unaccustomed to the
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During the war, the British quartered soldiers in the homes of the colonists and passed the Quartering acts of 1764 which required colonists to provide food and shelter to British soldiers at their own expense. The act created some commotion in the colonies as the colonists were unused to large, standing armies and instead preferred militias along with how much it cost to feed and provide for the soldiers. This act, along with the Sugar and Stamp act would kindle the resentment that Americans felt toward the British in the years leading up to the American …show more content…
Therefore, the Romantic period was a movement brought about because of the dislike of reason and the constraints of institutionalized thinking. The Romantic period was derived from an outcry of the new artists who wished to live less ritualistic lives. Given that the war had caused political and societal lives to fall apart, the Romantics wished to offer a much different perspective on life; this new perspective offered individuality, the support of emotion over reason, and highlighted the importance of the imagination. However, they were only able to do so because the political system that had emerged from the war gave citizens the liberty of free

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