Individual Project : Interview An Adolescent Essay

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Individual project: Interview an Adolescent
Teenage years can be a challenging time for many individuals. Adolescence is a period of physical and psychological development from the onset of puberty to maturity. The adolescent goes through a transition phase and is a part of one’s life that he or she will never forget because it plays a big role in the formation of who that person will become. This is a difficult period, which results fundamental changes in the structure of personality, behavioral patterns, habits and life goals. Along with inner changes, the person goes through the period of puberty or sexual development. These changes do not always go smoothly and children have to pass through the crises before they become grown-ups. At this point of being an adolescent, the person is no longer a child, but not yet an adult.
The teen that I interview was a 15 years old male who is currently in 10th grade in high school. This interview occurred in the comfort of the interviewees’ home. My friend introduced me to this teen and it turns out the teen was my friend neighbor. The interview took around one hour and it took place in the quiet living room of the interviewee house. It was me and the teen with his parents also in the house but not interfering with the interview. The location influenced a nice environment for a one on one interview and more privacy for the interviewee to feel comfortable. The teen lives with four other family members who are his father,…

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