Indigenous Religions And Their Resistance Towards Residential Schools

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It’s the year 2016, and we would like to think that oppression and persecution no longer exist. Yet, this isn’t the reality in which we live. The world has endured the oppression and persecution of its inhabitants for thousands of years. Many have fought to resist the injustices and oppression placed upon them. The Oxford Dictionary defines resistance as, “The refusal to accept or comply with something” (Oxford 2016). Indigenous people around the world have long suffered from oppression, and have shown resistance towards these injustices. In this essay, I’m going to examine Indigenous religions and their resistance towards residential schools, religious conversion, genocide, and how they have managed to preserve their religions to this day. Resistance is a key element in defining the identity of indigenous religions and can be seen in the religious conversion, exploitation, and traditions of all Indigenous people.
Thousands of indigenous children were removed from their homes and placed in Residential schools. They were told by complete strangers that their identity (who they were) was wrong and shameful. These schools were notorious for the abuse of children, both physically and mentally. Those who endured residential schools strived to regain their indigenous identities, as well as their children.

…. many of our mothers and fathers, who were pursued by missionaries, educators, and government officials (armed with residential schools, European history, legislation such as…

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