Essay on Indigenous Australian Politics

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Subject Name: Indigenous Australian Politics
Subject Code: IA2016
Study Period: SP1
Study Mode: External
Campus: Townsville
Subject Coordinator: Sharon Moore
Student: Josephat Magomo Assessment Task 1: Reflective Critique
The European colonisation of Australia over the past two centuries has resulted in violent conflict, forced dispossession, displacement and protectionist policies that denied Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people basic rights, separated families and entrenched discrimination and inequalities. Over the past centuries there have been many changes in the attitudes and rights regarding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Despite the efforts by Australian government’s initiatives of
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A greater number of unemployment is within the Indigenous population due to historical disadvantages.
Perhaps, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people constructions of the past is different to European construction of the past and I believe if history is revisited and takes all Australians to the same understanding of historical knowledge, there will be a greater understanding of the imperative of the existence and connection to the land for Aboriginal community. However, Aboriginal identity is not an aspiration but a reality relevant to almost any Aboriginal person who identifies with their culture and land (Bourke, 1993). I come from an African country where people are identified according to their inherited totem. The institutions of totems meant that in terms of migrating group for an example, would be quickly assimilated into the host communities and groups immediately coalesced into each other because of the shared same totems from either of the parents.
Broome (2001) commented that the liberal position was supported by the facts of history in volume more than the conservative position that Australians have been divided by colonisation, white power and racial ideology, discriminatory legislation, and by the Constitution

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