Indian Tourism Essay

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Promotional Activities of Indian Tourism v/s Other Countries
Course: International Marketing Management Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (EPGDIB 2012-14) Topic: Promotional Activities of Indian Tourism v/s Other Countries Faculty: Prof. Rakesh Mohan Joshi

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Promotional Activities of Indian Tourism v/s Other Countries


Promotional Activities of Indian Tourism v/s Other Countries Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary Objective Pedagogy

2. Indian Tourism Promotional Activities in the International Arena Vision Statement Major Issues: Is India really ‘Incredible’?
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Tourism for India could have been a source of both revenue and employment. But, according to the World Bank’s figures from 2011, Malaysia attracts nearly 25 million tourists, Mexico 23 million, Ukraine 21 million, Thailand 19 million, Singapore 10 million, and Egypt 9.5 million. In sharp contrast, India attracts fewer than 6.5 million visitors. Less than Indonesia. Less than Bulgaria. A comparison with China, apparently India’s rival reveals that at 57 million foreign tourists a year, China is behind only the United States and France as the world’s most visited country. Venice alone has 6.5 million annual visitors, as many as all of India. According to the Master-card Global Cities Index for 2013, Bangkok has overtaken London as the most visited city on the planet. Bangkok gets nearly 16 million visitors. It is the first of seven Asian cities including Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai - that receive more visitors every year than India. India is spectacular. This fact has been impressed upon the world for a decade by the ‘Incredible India’ advertising campaign. It’s all there on video, on billboards, on the sides of buses. The latest commercial features a smiling young woman practicing yoga in the desert; boating on the Dal Lake; riding a vintage motorcycle in Ladakh; drinking fresh coconut water in Kerala. However, the truth about Indian tourism is that behind the false claims

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