Indian Residential School System : A Blood Stain On Canadian Culture And Government

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The cultural genocide at the hands of the Indian residential school system along with historic and present day oppression and abuse is a blood stain on Canadian culture and government. The government has made steps to atone and reconcile for the destruction it brought upon the First Nations community, however, I do not think enough has been done or ever will be done as long as the oppressor’s government institution is in place. It will ultimately be left up to the First Nations people to come together as a unit to rebuild the structure of their community.
Indian Residential School System
The Indian residential schools (IRS) were domestic terrorism hubs and locations ordained by the Canadian government and churches which were operated and enforced by White Canadians. While they claimed to have a legitimate reason for existing and operating, they brought no good to majority of the estimated 150, 000 children that attended the institutions. The motto “kill the Indian in the child” stains even the best intentions of the IRS. Children were forced out of their homes and communities who then were made to live in stressful and dreadful conditions. The purpose of these institutions was to force children to assimilate, conform and kill of Native Canadian culture, customs and possibly race.
The idea came from the US system of its poisonous savagery attempts to reform and or kill off the “Indian”. In Canada, the system had roots in laws secured in place sometime before Confederation.…

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