Indian Hindu Society In Mulk Raj Anand's Untouchable

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The subaltern study of Untouchable highlights the role of caste in an Indian Hindu society. The dominance of caste divides the society as well as human psyche. Since ancient period a lot of religious taboos, superstitions and misconception exist in Indian Hindu society and they may be responsible for subalternity in society. At the one hand high caste Hindus dominate and exploit lower caste because they think their birth in high caste is the blessing of God and they have the right to rule over subaltern class. At the other hand castes dominance and exploitation for the sake of their caste promotion in the next birth.
Anand believes that such type of psychological attitudes for the life is difficult to eradicate and the condition of subalterns could not be improve. In the well, the favour done there by an upper caste Hindu Brahmin. Pundit Kali Nath, who pours the water on an empty pitcher of Sohini, sister of Bakha, not for the sake of generosity but because he was attracted towards Sohi i's beauty. He calls her in the temple for cleaning and sweeping the courtyard of the temple and tries to molest her.
This is again a different satire projected by Anand in the novel on the upper caste, who regarded the sweepers as an untouchable but at the same time
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For narrating the worst effect of untouchability in Hindu society , Anand chooses his protagonist, Bakha, from the subaltern class background He discloses all the frustration agony, aspiration, misery, compassion and depression of his protagonist that were the result of his daily struggle With society. As a great disciple of Gandhiji and influenced by Marx’s ideology, he believes that democratic outlook will be helpful for subaltern classes to uplift their social condition. Better opportunities for subalterns can improve their socio-economic status

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