Indi A Rich Tapestry Of Cultural And Linguistic Diversity Essay

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India has a rich tapestry of cultural and linguistic diversity. I grew up in a different state from with cultures different from my ancestors. At home, we spoke a different language, learned to speak another language outside and learned three more languages at school. All these experiences in my formative years have taught me identify and value the commonalities and differences of the human experience.
My first experience as a teacher was during my undergraduate years when I tutored first-generation learners in my neighborhood. These were children of small business owners and were the first to enter formal schooling. I am grateful that parents gave me their listening and decided to continue formal education for their children in spite of many hardships. I am proud to say some of them went on to graduate from college. Even now, when I visit India, I try to meet with all of them.
My second experience involved training non-traditional students in a remote setting during my field work in KMTR. During this time, I trained several field assistants in use of tools and in the techniques for fieldwork. I continue to be amazed by their natural intelligence and ability to grasp, even if they had no formal training.
Training forest officers from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam as a part of the FAO training series on Biodiversity, I felt deep respect for the forest officials who carry out routine work with a sheer will and persistence and in face of severe dangers. They were eager to…

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