Independent And Strong Willed Henry David Thoreau Essay

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Independent and strong-willed Henry David Thoreau, has continued to have a ginormous impact on Americans of his generation through the generations of today. Throughout the last several decades the world, especially America, has seen Thoreau’s idea in work. Thoreau’s work with transcendentalism began mainly when he moved in with his colleague Ralph Waldo Emerson. In the beginning of his young adulthood, Thoreau taught until a conflict involving corporal punishment. After this point he and his elder brother, John, opened a school together in Concord. They had great success in their school until John had become ill and was unable to help run the school any longer. Thus, Thoreau’s work with transcendentalism began exclusively when he moved in with his colleague Ralph Waldo Emerson. Later on he moved by himself in to the wilderness to reflect on his life and other important aspects of the universe. After the two years of self-isolation he wrote the famous explanation of his time alone in Walden, named ‘Walden’ from the name of the pond in which he lived near for this period of time in his life. Thoreau also wrote his radical thoughts against the Mexican War and the United States Federal Government in Civil Disobedience which is said to be one of his most famous pieces. In Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau has inspired the message of freedom today and through many generations before by imagery, figurative language, and emotional appeal. In Civil Disobedience by Henry David…

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