Free Huckleberry Finn Essays: Poem Analysis

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Have you ever chosen to be an outsider of a society you refuse to be like? Depicted in Mark Twain's satiric, bildungsroman The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (1885), the 14 year old protagonist, Huck, exposes the hypocrisy of white society's morals during his childhood in the antebellum south. The author's lambaste the racism, slavery, and hypocrisy that existed in white ¨civilized¨ society in order to reveal their corruption. Poet, Walt Whitman, in his free verse poem, ¨Song of Myself¨ (1855), from the collection Leaves of Grass emphasizes the individual's equality in the universe, as he reflects from the setting of the cemetery. Whitman´s provides perspective of the negative consequences of the Industrial Revolution and slavery, such as individuals …show more content…
Huck recalls the conversation with Miss Watson: ¨then she told me all about the ¨bad¨ place and I said I wished I was there¨ (para. 6). Ultimately, Huck doesn't want to be the same as society so he would rather go to hell but, Huck's perspective reveals how he feels about society and his disillusionment of their ideals. Huck feels their ideas of ¨good or better¨ reveal their superficiality. Huck admits he would rather go to hell with his best friend instead of going to heaven with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson (para 7). Therefore, Huck means if he has to conform to this white society with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson he would rather go to the ¨bad place¨ with his best friend than go to the so called good place with them. Tom, his best friend, and himself are the only two in their society who are morally educated. Overall, Huck desires the freedom, because he rather be left on his own than be forced to act the same as the white society which he doesn't agree

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