Increasing Islamic Women 's Rights Essay

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Increasing Islamic Women’s Rights Statistically, Muslim countries hold the highest record of documented rape incidents (Rigid Muslim Societies). In the United States once a rape is reported officers immediately begin to investigate the reported crime. However, Muslim countries require four male Muslim witnesses for the crime to become punishable, even if outside evidence to prove that a rape occurred is presented, which is denoted in the Islamic faith (Speaker-Yuan 90). This problem was first introduced when U.S. government began to forbid American forces to stop rapes committed in Muslim countries (Shaw). Although Muslims have the right to express their religious rights, US law intervention of rape towards Muslim countries would increase the equality of women in Muslim countries by affecting the rights of Muslim women, the immortality of rape, and violence against Muslim women. Muslim countries are male dominated, which allows Muslim men to believe they have power over Muslim women. The Islamic law gives Muslim men the power over women and women’s body (Mehdi). The Qur’an 2:223 states, “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…” (What Does Islam Teach). Consequently, rape between married couples are not considered rape because Muslim husbands have full power over their wives. Though the rights of Muslim women are inferior to the rights of Muslim men, according to their religion, punishment of rape is already…

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