Increasing Academic And Non Academic Screen Time Using Antecedent Manipulation And The Premack Principle

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Increasing Academic to Non Academic Screen Time Using Antecedent Manipulation and the Premack Principle
With increases in technology there are very rare instances in which one can get away from a screen, whether it be one from a cellphone, a laptop, desktop, or television. With so much access to distractions in forms of social media, and social networking sites, it has become increasingly difficult to be productive. This becomes increasingly problematic considering that most of our lives--whether it be academically or work-related--require the use of a phone or computer in order to access data, study materials, and e-mail. As a student it is difficult to study with distractions so omnipresent. Prior to this class I noticed how long it would take me to start studying, and how much of my screen time was spent on YouTube, or binge watching shows as opposed to completing work related assignments. I initially thought to simply decrease my screen time to be more productive in my day to day activities, but in doing so, I realized it would also decrease the amount of time I could spent on work related activities. With technology so prominent in our everyday lives, reducing overall screen time would be unbeneficial as it is needed to study and work. I instead have two target behaviors, with differing goals. I intend to increase the screen time spent on academic and work related courses while simultaneously lowering unproductive screen time, which includes any social…

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