Increase Functioning Of Prefrontal Cortex And Long Term Memory

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INCREASE FUNCTIONING OF PREFRONTAL CORTEX AND LONG-TERM MEMORY As children grow older, they begin to use “rules” in order to solve problems, play games, and interact in society. The prefrontal cortex plays an important role in retrieving the rules that govern a child’s behavior (Bunge 118). As a child grows up throughout middle and late childhood, their prefrontal cortex begins to function as a guide to the basic rules of the human life. The prefrontal cortex “processes the information about an individual’s goals and motivations” (Bunge 118). Evidence supports that the different regions of the PFC represent different levels of rule following—from simple ones that promise reward to a complex set of conditional rules such as the ones they are likely to encounter as a student. According to Bunge, the rate of change in the “gray matter” or white matter” of an adolescent’s PFC is constant throughout childhood.
PUBERTY IN ADOLESCENCE Puberty rears its head in girls at about nine years old and in boys at about eleven years old. It is defined as the processes of biological change that results in individuals attaining sexual maturity and becoming capable of producing a child (Sigelman 143). Puberty usually begins with a growth spurt. It is triggered by an increase in the level of growth hormones circulating in the body during adolescence. Girls peak at about 12 years old while boys peak normally at 13.4 years old. Therefore, it is known that boys lag behind girls a year or so.…

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