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Inclusive Practice Inclusive practice in education moves us away from ‘integration’ and ‘mainstreaming’ of learners, which was mainly concerned with separating those with a disability or ‘special educational needs’ until they had reached the required standard for mainstream education. Inclusion is about the learner’s right to participate and the teacher/ institutions duty to accept the learner as an individual. Inclusion rejects the separation of learners with disabilities from learners

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These are all barriers that have an impact on inclusive practice in the classroom as I can often have a group of learners with ages ranging from eighteen to sixty plus, from various backgrounds and experience. On one occasion I had a group of fifteen learners consisting of school leavers with no experience, some with varying amounts of experience in residential homes and hospitals. Some were returning to work Mums and others who had previously worked in jobs such as, shop and office workers. There was one who had been a registered manager of a care home but had been made redundant, with no vacancies in his area of expertise he decided to become a care worker, only a few weeks before he had been managing a workforce of twenty care workers, seniors and administration staff. It can be extremely difficult to accommodate such a wide cross section of individuals and sometimes to bridge the generation gap. Mears Care has policies in place to give individuals equal opportunities in training and employment (see appendix 1)
From the introductions at the beginning of the session to the final goodbyes at the end of training I ensure that every learner is shown to be valued by all, showing interest in their opinions and what they have to say, valuing also their own experiences, which they bring
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