Inclusion Provided A Variety Of Useful Information That Could Be Used Now And The Future As An Educator

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Seeds of Inclusion provided a variety of useful information that could be used now and in the future as an educator. At the beginning everyone participated in Zumba as an ice breaker. It was interesting to learn that the Zumba instructor, Kirk Nichols, did this in his kindergarten classroom. I never would have thought of doing Zumba with young children, nor would I ever had been comfortable to do it in a classroom. However, doing this in front of adults made me less worried about what others would think of me. As I thought about it I would be more comfortable doing Zumba now in front of children, especially since they would have so much fun and probably wouldn’t know if I messed up on a step or two. After I was exhausted from getting a workout, two speakers came up to speak about arts integration across classroom settings. For me this was the most educative sessions in that they spoke about a different way to teach children incorporating lesson in art with different subject topics in a lesson. In the end, the children will learn about a subject and art techniques. As a child, I always had a better learning experience when I did projects that involved producing something. In addition, this reminded me of my music course I am currently enrolled in because we are learning about different ways to teach subjects through music. Also, I appreciated listening to the teachers’ experiences in their classrooms and their take on it. I became excited to start thinking about ways to…

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