Inclusion Based Education For Students With Disabilities Essay

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Subsequently, this research indicates a call for a careful examination of inclusion based education to ease the fears that surrounds the practice of educating students with disabilities in the general education setting (Daniel & King, 1997; Oldfield, 2009). As more students with disabilities are placed in general education classroom environment the education community must find ways to support regular education teachers in order to promote positive approaches towards inclusion. Providing teachers with training and tools are necessary to uphold positive attitudes about inclusion is the key to step up and insure the success to inclusion (Huber, Rosenfeld, & Fiorello, 2001; Colber, 2010).
Additional research is needed in order to determine and describe the circumstances that may influence teachers’ attitudes in a positive aspect toward including students with special needs. The purpose of the study was to investigate the factors that may impact the attitudes of general education teachers towards including students with disabilities. The study utilized surveys and interviews as a mean to measure the attitudes of general education teachers and the causes that may influence their attitudes. The leading research questions for this study were the following:
Survey Questions:
1. Do you believe all teachers should be able to teach in any type of classroom setting?

2. Does your district have a clear definition and guidelines for the implementation of…

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