Incinerators And Its Impacts On The Ecosystem, Local Communities, And General Public Health

1090 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever wondered where your weekly amounts of waste go? The answer here is landfills. A landfill is an area of land, above and/ or underground, that allows for ginormous amounts of trash to pile up. As positive as the thought of a trash reduction property may sound, they are potentially placing a hazardous threat to our overall environment. A great deal of the items that remain the landfills are often times unrecyclable, and unable to destroy naturally. This issue might be placed to a halt immediately, before the consequences worsen even greater. The human population must work as one to limit the amount of landfills we allow within our areas of reach, in order to save wildlife and future generations to come. In doing so, it is crucial that one understands the negative effects of landfills, which includes but is not limited to their impacts on the ecosystem, local communities, and general public health.
Landfills is where trash goes on a daily basis. With that in mind, the over filled landfills are hazards to community and the wild life. Landfills are filled up with things that cannot be recycled at all. As the trash decompose leakage can happen which leads to underground or even in the ocean or to animals in most cases. From the leakage it can be hazardous to us because of what we eat. We eat fish and other animals when they get the hazardous waste into their body. We have a chance of consuming the hazardous waste that the animals have eaten. It is like a chain…

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