Inaugural Address And Patrick Henry's Speech

“Freedom is never given; it is won”(A.Philip Randolph). In a time of need, everyone looks to find a leader that can improve the situation. Just like in both of John F. Kennedy’s(JFK) and Patrick Henry’s lives, they stepped up and lead a group to make choices that lead to a big change. There was one big moment that outweighed the other small moments like in JFK’s “Inaugural Address” and Henry’s “Speech to the Virginia Convention.” In both of these authors speeches they use various beliefs to make their viewers join their side. While some differences between JFK and Patrick Henry are reasonable, the similarities in their beliefs are noticeable.
In both of their famous speeches, Henry and JFK show the quality of freedom to push them to fight for
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Throughout Patrick Henry’s speech, he knows that the colonists have the tools needed to win the Revolutionary War, but no one would actually listen to him and see what they have. They would just remember the bad experiences in the past, so they would give up. Later on in his speech he leaves one fact that leaves a lasting impact to show why people should go to war. “Three millions of such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force”(Henry 84). Not only does Patrick Henry show the country's accomplishments to try to make the citizens make a big decision, so does JFK during his inaugural address. During his famous inaugural address JFL wants the viewers to strive to help the world be a better place. He was speaking to persuade them to make that choice and he compares them to the past accomplishments. “Only a few generations have been the role of defending our countries in its hour of maximum danger”(JFK P1). Both of these influential people share facts to persuade their viewers to make the right choice.
Even though Patrick Henry and JFK differ in their use of contrasting beliefs, the similarities are more evident. Both of these influential men, even still today, used a couple beliefs to influence people at a time of need to make a decision that would later lead to a bigger change. Even though they are

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