Inabilities Create Destruction In Gary Soto's Looking For Work

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Inabilities Create Destruction
One's inability to connect with oneself and or others can be a direct translation of a traumatic incident either in their past or present. In Gary Soto's "Looking for Work" Gary, the protagonist, is being described as a child going on an adventure to find his true self. All throughout this essay, Gary longs to be like the high-class white people that he watches on the television. Gary understands that his mother can't provide him with that type of lavish lifestyle, but he still wants to believe that it is possible. In the conclusion, Gary learns that in order to enjoy the good things in life he has to work for what he wants. On the opposite end in Cris Beam's "The End of June" Oneida, the protagonist, goes on
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Doris did so in an untasteful and heinous manner. She was focused on the end goal and wasn't worried about what the agencies tornado of lies would destruct behind them. Her heart was pure, but her intentions weren't. So, when she found out that a couple by the name of Mindy and Glenn were thinking about becoming foster parents. Doris' initial reaction was to do anything she could to make it work. This included lying about Oneidas true goals and passions. Sometimes the agency would use a clip called "Wednesday's Child" to in a way advertise what children were available for adoption. Doris said that, "I've always felt uncomfortable with these kinds of public displays: they're a little too close to human auctions, where minors advertise their attributes and hawk their cuteness, their vulnerability, their need. Children aren't products, and they shouldn't be featured on commercials as such" (Beam 64). Still Doris had her featured on "Wednesday's Child", with a main goal of placing her into a home at all costs. Not only did this portray a false image for viewers and showed Oneida yet again that her real self wasn't good enough. As pictured in the clip, Mindy and Glenn were expecting to meet a young woman; who enjoyed salsa dancing, and that longs for a hardworking family that would stretch her. During Doris' meeting with Mindy and Glenn, she discussed the systematic timeline …show more content…
Oneida has been in a foster home for some time and originating from an abusive home is reluctant to let others care for her. She always has her defensive stance on the back burner waiting to be brought forward upon being triggered in some way or another. Oneida longs for the love aspect in a family dynamic but doesn't comprehend the meaning if love because she has never experienced it before. It is hard for her to let people into her life and to feel fully comfortable unbinding herself in front of them to reveal her flaws. She puts forth a great face that upfront gives of the persona that she is independent and doesn't need anyone but lings for the companionship. Gary and Oneida are on vividly different paths. Gary realizes the value in work and the value in becoming successful. He sees the endgame in sight and is willing to take the risks necessary to reach that point Where as Oneida with basic knowledge of it is willing to use a loving couple as a stepping stone for her own

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