In What Ways Has Marxism Developed Since Marx’s Death? Essay

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According to Eatwell and Wright (Eatwell, Wright. 1999, pg. 104) Marxism is the theory of communism the practice- or else that both are perplexing mixtures of theory and practice. The history of Marxism is essentially the history of putting theories into practice to solve practical problems. which in turn promotes the continuous development of human society. Its impact far exceeds its theoretical scope and significance and an important reason lies in the fact that Marxism originates from practice, guides the practice and is developed in the practice.
Karl Marx is considered by many to have been the greatest thinker and philosopher of all time. His idea on life, society and social structure revolutionized the ways in which people think
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Some believe that the idea of Marxism is past its peak yet others still are of the belief that it still holds many messages in today’s society but perhaps in an amended form. For example the term ‘neo-Marxist’ was first established in 1945 as a necessary term for distinguishing a sub-set of Marxist ideas to define the success of Marxism, particularly in underdeveloped countries and in turn its failures in more developed countries.
One problem many Marxist readers find is reconciling not only Marx’s frequent criticisms such as mortality but also the way in which the ideology challenges moral judgements. Since his death the development of the Marxist theory although has developed significantly has also continued to be marred with claims that it is incompatible with morality developing the outlines of Marxist and social theory. Some authors believe that the moral components of Marxist thought suggest Marx was essentially focussed on the commitment to equal freedoms whether they are positive or negative. Likewise some evidence could suggest that Marxism is compatible with the concepts of justice and rights. Primarily it could be said that contemporary political philosophy is important when coming to terms with the ideology of Marxism yet Marx’s more practical theories on class struggle, the dysfunctions of capitalism and the prospect of a democratic society are needed in the development of

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