In Person Therapy, Try Online Therapy Case Study

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This paper talks about a new form of therapy. Instead of going in person to talk, you simply text or email your therapist. We also will look at some case studies that were done and what the results were. We will look at what the article got right and what they got wrong.

Instead Of In Person Therapy, Try Online Therapy The article, Before You See a Therapist Consider This, talks about a new way to do therapy, online. Companies like BetterHelp and Talkspace are new companies that are utilizing this new form of therapy. Each subscriber is paired with a licensed and experienced therapist that suits what he or she needs. Nicole Amesbury, head of clinical development for Talkspace, says that during a face-to-face session people feel the need to fill time, so they just talk about anything (Hobson, 2015). Being online you don’t have to worry about filling the space. The delayed response sometimes is a benefit because it gives the client time to think about what they sent. Not to mention that online therapy run from $12-$49 a week, making it cheaper than an in person session (Hobson, 2015). In todays times everyone is on his
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The results showed that online can be better. Talkspace themselves decided to conduct their own research group. It consisted of 58 people that used their services from 12-16 weeks. The goal was to see symptom reduction, quality of relationships with their therapist, the easy of accessibility, and overall satisfaction (New Talkspace, 2015). Talkspace found that people fell well after 3.86 months with the text therapy, the cost of text therapy versus face-to-face therapy was about 1/3 of the cost, and the relationship between both parties was just as good as in person sessions (New Talkspace, 2015). Lastly, they found that people really enjoyed the convenience and affordability of the

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