Essay about In Our Time Critical Analysis

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Nick's Psychological Development in Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time In Hemingway's collection of short stories, In Our Time, we follow a character by the name of Nick Adams. We are introduced to Nick in "Indian Camp" as a young boy, and follow him to adulthood in both Parts I and II of "Big Two-Hearted River". Through this we see Nick develop and learn about some major facts of life. Nick is a character who is changes through the effects of war on many different levels. Although Hemingway hardly mentions the war, he uses the stories to express different effects and emotions caused by the war. In "Indian Camp" we meet Nick as he joins his father to help a pregnant Indian woman in labor. Nick's father, a doctor, brings him to …show more content…
This introduces Nick to prefer a masculine life rather than a feminine life. In the story "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife" we briefly see Nick's family life. All three of the Adams are living in separate worlds. Nick's mother is lying in the room, blinds drawn, surrounded by Christian Science books. Nick's father cleans his gun intently instead of having a meaningful conversation with his wife. Nick's father does not want to answer his wife's questions, and when he does, he lies to her. He assumes that she will not understand his reasoning for the argument he just had outside. In addition, his wife's religious demands for him to not lose his temper show that she does not want him to be a stereotypical aggressive and protective male. Also, Christian Science religion does not believe in medicine, which means that she has no respect for her husband's work. Nick's father decides to go hunting, where he can express his masculinity. When Nick decides to go with him, Nick is also showing an interest in male to male interaction over male to female interaction with his mother. We see Nick at the end of the story, still calling his father "daddy" and wanting to follow him around. If the family would interact more, then it is probable that Nick would be able to develop more psychologically. He is still being treated like a little child, so he is still acting like one. We next see Nick and his

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