Improving The Students For A Competitive Job Market Essay

878 Words Oct 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Recognising the need for development and progress, universities make their efforts to prepare the students for a competitive job market. The learning material should be the most efficient.
As a result, learning with virtual content and practice is preferred. In addition, companies and services are looking for experienced and confident employees that would advance company’s success and profits. Personal skills can be gained or can be immanent. Their practice in real circumstances will definitely offer specialization. The author analyses her skills and abilities that has gained from her previous studies or work and describes which of them she intends to develop via her postgraduate studying course on maritime operations management. Also, she comments about Chavan’ s findings and learning’s stages or various methods in different jobs’ training. Her findings are compared with other styles of learning and absorbing information.
Most of them are based on Kolb’s initial researched model. Methods of learning can be combined or be sufficient isolated to develop or improve author’s abilities. The effective learning has various effects according to the student’s previous learning or ignorance. There are models of sufficient learning for every science sector. Experiential learning is applied in law schools, psychology, medical schools, maritime studies and others. Students’ outcomes show that through this method respond or become capable to respond when they…

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