Essay on Improving The Affordable Care Act

1219 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
When the Affordable Care Act went into action in 2013, which required all people to acquire health insurance, it was in order to improve the quality of care, increase access to insurance and services, and lower the cost of care. In order to lower the cost of health care, changes by the insurance companies and hospitals had to be executed. Hospitals had to make adjustments to adapt to their new budget. As a result, changes made included position cuts and efficiency improvement.
One very recent adjustment of efficiency in the hospital settings has been the addition of new technology like wearable health devices. According to Rofouei (2012), “It uses the knowledge from medical sciences and employs low-cost micro-electronics and wireless systems along with powerful and sensor-rich handheld devices to enable a new dimension of health care, which introduces pervasive monitoring and early diagnosis at low costs” (p. 2). The pervasive monitoring that was mentioned includes its ability to detect heart rate, glucose levels, blood pressure, and other health measures individualized to the patient. The purpose of these monitors is to help doctors retrieve the information they need to know in a quick manner. The less time spent with the patient would benefit the hospital’s budget. This device would not only be an advantage to hospitals, yet to patients as well because it could warn them of inappropriate levels or rates. For instance, someone with diabetes would be…

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