Microchips Disadvantages

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Microchips are smaller than regular sized chips and typically can do the same amount of work, if not more. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a regular chip is “a small wafer of semiconductor material that forms the base for an integrated circuit.” (dictionary) Although microchips seem like a better way to go, there are a few minor complications in this idea, such as the complexity of the circuits, the cost of the materials to make produce it and the function that is required of this chip. Chips can function as energy managers or they can take that power to send and receive information. Now imagine if one could actually implant this chip into your body in a safe and easy accessible spot then use it to give your information to a doctor …show more content…
Just imagine how much safer the world would be if the chips were just limited to a GPS tracking and were administered to only children, convicts and ex-convicts. The children that were implanted with the microchip would be tracked if they were abducted, they ran away, or just had gotten separated from their parents. Microchips are just a safe and easy solution for kids to stay safe and not have parents all torn up about the whereabouts of their child. Diana DiMuro writes, “Such products would help track down abducted children or lost adults with Alzheimer 's disease.”(DiMuro, 2008). This idea does seem a bit over dramatic but, it is defiantly a good precaution in this day in age. As for the convicts and ex-convicts, this can keep inmates from trying to escape prisons and also let the law officials keep an eye on past inmates. The downside of this is loss of privacy, but what is the real need for privacy unless you have something to hide. This is not really a total invasion of privacy, but in a sense is just the same as the government having your name, date of birth, past record and all other information, it just adds the factor of knowing where you

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