Essay on Improving Student 's Literacy Skills Within Content Areas

1556 Words May 11th, 2016 7 Pages
There have been many writing techniques presented to improve student’s literacy skills within content areas, such as summaries, quick writes, learning logs and journals (Alvermann, Gillis & Phelps, 2013; Robertson, 2015). However, there are many other techniques that lack presentation or recognition for being effective in improving content area literacies. One technique that is underrepresented is poetry (Seda, 2014). Poetry can be beneficial in improving content area literacies across disciplines.
Being that poetry is a form of writing, it needs to be well developed for students to use it as a resource. To become proficient writers in general, students need to put thought, organization and precision into their work as this is needed in comparison to speaking (Alvermann. Gillis & Phelps, 2013). Alverrmann et al. state that the use of writing can be a way to engage the student in order to communicate or to learn (2013). From the learning prospective, Alvermann et al. state, writing is a form of thinking on paper (2013) and can therefore be applied across content areas. Seda states that poetry is one of the best ways to initiate or enrich a content lesson, however it is not popular to use because of the negative attitudes inflicted by teachers and students alike (2014). What most people do not understand is that poetry can and has been successfully used in content areas such as science, math and history (Seda, 2014) to make content easier to understand for students that need…

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