Improving Speaking And Listening Skills Essay

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The research enquiry will focus on improving speaking and listening skills in a modern foreign language through the use of songs and rhymes when used with upper key stage 2 children. This teaching approach is being used as traditionally, songs and rhymes are used with children in the early years to reinforce learning and to help develop not only literacy, numeracy and communication skills (Miller, Cable and Devereux 2005 and Johnson 2015) but personal, social and emotional skills. However, as children progress through school, developing speaking and listening skills reduce as the focus shifts to becoming proficient readers and writers. With primary schools under immense pressure from the government and parents, as recent PISA results from the OECD (2014) show that the United Kingdom has fallen behind other countries in terms of basic literacy skills, could show a reason why children are not being taught through songs and rhymes. The research will therefore reintroduce using this method to learn back into the classroom in order to learn a second language with the main question assessing if songs and rhymes impacted on the speaking and listening skills of the children. However the research will take into account whether or not the children enjoyed this teaching method and whether or not it would be beneficial to use across the curriculum.
Early & second language development
Within the EYFS statutory framework (DfE 2014), it is detailed that teachers and…

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