Impression Sunrise By Claude Monet

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There are three pieces of artwork that I have selected to place in the reception area of the new office. The first painting is “Impression Sunrise” by Claude Monet, the second painting is “The Floor Scrapers” by Gustave Caillebotte and the last painting that will be placed in the reception area is by Camille Pissarro and one of his famous paintings called “Red Roofs”.
The first painting “Impression Sunrise” is an impressionist painting by Claude Monet and was painted in 1872 and is “a depiction of the harbor of Le Havre, France Monet uses short expressive brush strokes to simply suggest the watery landscape” (Art Factory, n.d). The painting is of the sunrise over the port of Le Havre. “The imagery of this work of art presents a focus on the calm feeling of a misty maritime scene.” Slightly below the center of the painting, a small rowboat with two indistinct figures floats in the bay” (Yurasits, n.d) and other larger ships in the background barely seen through a gray haze. The focus of the painting is the sun and it’s reflection on the water.
The “Impression Sunrise” is a key historical piece when referencing the impressionist age of art. This painting began a major movement and the beginning or “rising” of the impressionist artists; the sun rising up in a gray haze and bringing light with a new day is just what the impressionist artists gave to art.
This type of painting and its historical importance should be what our company represents and stands for a beginning of

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