Important Element Of Business Communication Essay

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Formatting is also an important element of business communication. The document must be signed, addressed and correctly attributed. Whenever the title of the addressee is unknown, the gender-neutral Dear Sir or Madam is preferred to Dear Sirs. The same also applies to the use of salutations and gender-specific pronouns such as he and she, which should be avoided whenever possible. The pluralized pronoun everyone is grammatically incorrect, and its use is not recommended. In a similar vein, grammar, word selection, sentence structure and conformation to writing codes and styles should reflect the nature of the format. Blunt and verbose statements should be avoided (Hulbert 2-3). Critically, a liberal use of the active voice is imperative to ensure the document engages the reader and is clearer as well. An active voice solidly and unambiguously conveys the intention of business writing in pursuit of eliciting action (Hulbert 2). The main exception to this is when the author presents a post-mortem report on business failures. In such circumstances, the author is encouraged to use the passive voice deliberately in, for example, assigning blame. Moreover, the pronoun I is preferred as it enables attribution of opinion; an exception is when the writer would like to reference company-wide policy, in which case the pronoun we is preferred (Hulbert 2). Tone, just like voice, is also essential since an inappropriate tone could jeopardize the ability of the author to communicate…

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