Beep And Yoyo Test

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The yo-yo test according to (Top end sports, 2016), is similar to beep test, except in the yoyo intermittent test the subject have a short active rest for recovery, five (5) to six (10) seconds. There are two levels of yoyo test. Level 1 for untrained/ less trained individuals and level 2 for elite athletes. Level 1 yoyo test starts at 10 km/hr while the level 2 starts at 13 km/hr. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the athlete's or the individual's ability to endure interval runs over a prolonged time. The test needs a flat surface, training cones or marker, measuring tape, a recorded beeps or these days there are already applications can be installed in mobile phones and a recording sheet. To set up the test, use three markers to make …show more content…
It this endurance test uses 2 marker only, also a 20-meter intervals and have a different way/ procedure to examine the participants yet, it is also an aerobic examinatin for individuals. It has also a recorded beeps and the speed of the test also increases every minute. This test is very similar to the beep test but have difference in procedure. The the participants must start behind the starting line and start running when hearing the beep. They must reach the other end before the beep and after reaching, they must wait for the beep to run back at the starting point. After finishing ang interval run there is also a recovery time ( five or 10 seconds depends on the levels, 1 or 2) and will wait for the beep to start running again. The participant who cannot keep up with the pace for two beeps will be withdrawn and forced to stop. The scoring is the same with the YoYo recovery test, the total distance covered of the participants before they cannot cath up with the two beeps or sudden stop of running due to fatigue.
There are several Yo-Yo Test variations, and each require different standards for comparison. There is The Yo-Yo endurance test (like the beep test), and the Yo-Yo Intermittent tests which have short active breaks (5 and 10 seconds for the intermittent endurance and intermittent recovery test,
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The UP men's football team has a passing score of 13.1 and every beep test, aslmost half of the team always fail. "When a team gets told it is doing the beep test it usually strikes fear into everyone - even at international level" (James Kirtely ). The validity of the beep in correlation of VO2 max is high( Top end sports, 2016). There is a formula in calculating the VO2 max in beep test but nowadays there are applications that can automatically calculate VO2 max just by putting the results in the app. Just like the yoyo test the advantages of the beep test that it can be performed by large groups/ subjects and will cost less. The disadvantages are that the beep test is a maximal test, motivation, diet, sleep or rest can affect the performance of the participants. The environment can also be the factor. Yoyo test and beep test can maybe not determine the capacity of an athlete by knowing the results, running technique, motivation and the most important thing, the anaerobic capacity of an individual. In my experience few of my teammates did not pass the beep test while they can pass the 2- round best time in the UP academic oval with the time limit of 18

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