Textual Evidence In Writing

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The significance of writing in life
It was a dull gray morning with the sky filled with dark, crimson and amber-tinted clouds. I stepped down from my school bus and slowly walked towards my school with my friends clinging to each other and expressing our anxiety as today we will receive our half-yearly exam papers that we just did last week. I walked down the hallway with apprehension flowing down my throat. I went to my classroom and sat down with my friends. My classroom teacher also my English teacher, always quiet, reserved and amicable to students entered our classroom and called upon the names of the students to pass our composition1 and 2 graded exam papers. She called upon the names and each student went up to her desk to receive their
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“What is textual evidence and what am I supposed to do with it in writing?” such questions were pondering over my mind. I finally googled and found how to use textual evidence in my writings to fortify my interpretations and add more insights in my essays. My writing significantly improved with my professor 's comments and suggestions. I started using textual evidence and explained my claim in depth with examples from the book I read for class assignments. My 10th grade gradually improved and I started liking writing. My 10th grade went pleasantly without any disputes between myself and writing. I really didn’t get obsessed with grammar rules while writing, which I think is really beneficial. As getting indulged in grammar rules cause disruptions in my writing as it was in India. Though I didn’t indulge myself in grammar rules, I did say each word aloud while writing which really helped me in rectifying my own mistakes. After a year, I started my 11th grade with AP Language and composition. Though I was very skeptical about taking AP English, my guidance counselor encouraged me to take AP English as I successfully graduated my 10th grade English …show more content…
It was an ordinary sized classroom with 25 people. The classroom was filled with Shakespeare quotes, pictures and poems. One side of the classroom wall was occupied with hamlet posters, words, and students own drawings. Indeed, Hamlet was the book we read for the class and we had several class assignments related to the Hamlet book. The other side of the classroom wall was filled with writing skills and strategies that we used in our writings such as soapstone, transition words, ethos, pathos and logos. I slowly entered the classroom and I felt like entering into an alien world. I was so scared and regretted taking this class. I felt like I was surrounded by smart people who excelled in reading and writing, indeed, they were really smart. My teacher was old and strict, who used to talk more about her 90 years old mother who suffer from schizophrenic and she loves talking more about her cats and on one day she made everyone feel pathetic when she said one of her cats died. In addition, she used to make everyone cry in laughter with complaints about modern age and Miley Cyrus. However, her teaching really helped me as she gives more notes and homework associated with the books that we read. Though, I never got fascinated reading a book, especially non-fiction. My teacher’s choice of books made me keep my eyes obsessed with books like: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Crucible, and the Twenty-One Stories by Graham Greene. I also

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