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Before you start with the weight loss plans, remember, skipping meals won't help you in reducing the weight. When teenage girls don't eats food for long hours, their body starts storing fats and not burns fats. This happens because your body does not get any signal when it gets the next meal, hence, it holds the fat and stores more amount of fat when you eat your meals. In most cases, teens have a habit to skip their breakfast as they tend to have it with their friends resulting into eating junk food and other high calorie foods. This unhealthy habit is the main cause of weight gain among the teenage girls. Here are few weight loss plans for teenage girls who are willing to lose weight
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This won't help you in your weight loss plan as outside food are high in fats and are unhealthy too. Your home cooked food is the best and healthy food that helps in losing weight. In your lunch box you can get, a multi-grain/wholewheat bread with a jam or fried egg or with lean chicken, some vegetable salad, and some low fat yogurt. Such perfect lunch will give you all the essential nutrients and aid in weight loss.

Snack time
Snack time is the relaxation time and hence, opt for some nuts, some stir fried veggies, butter milk or some fruit. This is the perfect snack for a teenage girl to keep her going with her daily schedule.

This meal is crucial from the rest of the meals, so smartly plan your dinner. Eat half of the vegetables, � of the proteins, and 1/3 of carbohydrates as compared with your afternoon meal. You can cook some brown rice and grilled chicken or grilled fish with some spices and less oil. If you want to eat some vegetarian diet, you can also eat vegetables, beans, or lentils in your main course. Kidney beans, and pinto beans would make a great dinner for you. You can eat a fresh fruit once you finish with your

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